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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PS: Way cooler animation by EpsilonFEA:
PPS: Archived V18.2 file: Link

Weld Analysis with Ansys

Figure 1: Equivalent Stress of White Paper Model
There are many software out there now that does weld analysis. Among others...
For fatigue type analysis, there are: FE-Safe (Verity Method) & Ncode (Volvo Method)
For static type analysis, there are: FEWeld & EDRMedeso

A good reference classic book is Blodgett's Design of Welded Structures. This book is a real gem. Here are two links to a short write-up by the same author et al: Design for Welding & Welded Connections

White Paper
I came across this really good white paper by Weaver Engineering that had a worked example comparing both hand calculation to their software along with in depth discussions. The example was detailed enough to be replicated. This is a great stepping stone when following the crawl-walk-run philosophy.

Model Comments
A critical step in setting up the model is highlighted in Figure 2. Nodal Forces has to be computed for later post processing and "Save MAPDL db" is required for later named …