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CMS circa Ansys 2019 R3

CMS circa 2019R3
Roughly a year ago, I wrote about how you could reuse CMS elements using APDL snippets within Ansys Mechanical. The new feature of Condensed Geometry in recent releases unfortunately does not completely solve the problem; but does get you half way there.

To recap, the goal here is to have a part (A) that is complicated/huge but now condensed into a teeny-tiny Super-Element. Changes can be quickly made to other parts (B). When combined together (C/D), the model as a whole is smaller and faster to solve since A is reused.

This blog post is an update to the earlier post that uses the same technique but takes advantage of two new tools: Condensed Geometry & Mesh Numbering.

To get started, download the Ansys 2019R3 archived file to follow along.
Archived File with RST (177.0MB)   Link or
Archived File without RST (1.5MB)  Link

The rough procedure:
Create and mesh both Analysis A for CMS part and Analysis B for other parts. Note down maximum node and element number for A…