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Defining Ansys Superelement SUB File Manually

Photo by  James Owen  on  Unsplash A surprisingly popular blog-post written here is Exporting Stiffness Matrix from Ansys . A sensible follow up question is what can one do with the exported stiffness matrix? In a recent Xansys Forum post, a question was raised on how we can edit the stiffness matrix of a superelement and use it for our model.  An approach presented below is to first create a superelement that has the same number of DOF and nodal location that will serve as a template. An APDL script can then be written to edit the stiffness matrix entries as desired before exporting to a new superelement *.SUB file for use in future models. The self-contained script below demonstrates this.  /prep7 et ,1, 185 mp , ex, 1, 200e3 mp , prxy, 1, 0.33 w = 0.1 ! single element (note nodal locations) n , 1, w, -w, -w n , 2, w, w, -w n , 3, -w, w, -w n , 4, -w, -w, -w n , 5, w, -w, w n , 6, w, w, w n , 7, -w, w, w n , 8, -w, -w, w e , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 /solu antype , substr     ! analy

ANSYS APDL Syntax Highlighting editor

Notepad++ with APDL User Defined Language

The editor of my choice is Notepad++ with the available User Defined Language Files for APDL. You can install it without administrative privileges via the zip file. The best part of it is, it's FREE!

After installing Notepad++, go to "Language>Define Your Language..." then "Import" the XML file downloaded from the above link. Remember to restart Notepad++ so that the language changes will take into effect. Opening up any *.inp or *.ans files should automatically switch highlighting to APDL.

I made some minor edits. Here's my XML file: LINK. I also heard Sublime Text and Ultraedit has more advance features but they aren't (totally) free.


  1. Hello Jason, Thank you for posting. You mention the XML file can be downloaded from the above link yet I do not see the link you reference. Can you post the link?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Here's the link:


  3. Hello Mr. Cheah,

    thanks a lot for this post.

    I have successfully imported .xml into notepad++.
    now, how can we make get .mac file in notepad++ run on APDL? I have set APDL launcher (couldn't find APDL itself in my directory) in notepad++ in the Run section. It'd open APDL but won't actually execute the code in Ansys.

    your help would be greatly appreciated.
    By the way, my email is
    would be awesome to have yours


    1. Hi Navind,
      In notepad++ , you should be able to directly open your *.mac file. As it is just a simple text file, it should open without any problem. If the highlighting doesn't come on automatically, go to Language>myAPDL to activate the highlighting after you followed the instructions above.

  4. How can i import ansys ACT in notepad++. I want to have autocompletion of ACT commands in notepad++. Please note that i have already embedded python in notepad++.

    1. The autocomplete works inside workbench but I don't know of a way to get it to work in notepad++ as it has to connect to the Ansys library somehow.

    2. I checked with support and there's probably no way to do it. ANSYS doesn't support any external tools such as external autocomplete.


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