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ANSYS APDL Syntax Highlighting editor

Notepad++ with APDL User Defined Language

The editor of my choice is Notepad++ with the available User Defined Language Files for APDL. You can install it without administrative privileges via the zip file. The best part of it is, it's FREE!

After installing Notepad++, go to "Language>Define Your Language..." then "Import" the XML file downloaded from the above link. Remember to restart Notepad++ so that the language changes will take into effect. Opening up any *.inp or *.ans files should automatically switch highlighting to APDL.

I made some minor edits. Here's my XML file: LINK. I also heard Sublime Text and Ultraedit has more advance features but they aren't (totally) free.


  1. Hello Jason, Thank you for posting. You mention the XML file can be downloaded from the above link yet I do not see the link you reference. Can you post the link?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Here's the link:



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