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ANSYS User Defined Results

There is an abundant of options in ANSYS classic when one wishes to post process results. ANSYS workbench default pull down menu post processing options are more limited but they can still be accessed via the User Defined Results. One way not commonly used but can come in handy is as follows:

Zeroth: Under Analysis Settings, there is "Output Controls" where you can toggle to "Yes" what you would like to save before the solution starts. This is like OUTRES in APDL.
Output Controls

First: After solving the model, click on Solution in the tree to highlight it.

Second: Click on Worksheet in the toolbar.

Third: In the worksheet, you will see list of results that are saved. Right click on it to create the User Defined Results.
Create User Defined Results

So here we have it. You could of look up the different expressions in the help document but I find this method of accessing the results convenient. 

Example: Aspect Ratio


  1. suppose i have to find energy absorption of a structure what do i use


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